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Bamboo and Barbed Wire

The Bill of rights is just a piece of paper...

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With appearances by:

George Takei and Ruth Bader Ginsburg


— Director, Karen Day

Three years ago, I visited Minidoka, the site of the former Japanese internment camp in Idaho. As an American, I struggled to find words to express my feelings–shame at my ignorance of this moment in our country’s history, sorrow for the suffering inflicted on innocent citizens and guilt, even though I wasn’t born when President Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9066.

As an American and filmmaker, I’m committed to bringing to light this TIMELY story of racial prejudice and social injustice–especially as hate and divisiveness continues to escalate in our national dialogue.

Over the past three years, I’ve donated my time and skills to document the stories of those interned at MINIDOKA, interviewing remaining survivors, their families and bringing to life their personal sacrifices, losses and grace under pressure. These former internees taught me the meaning of the word GAMAN and inspired me to make this film.

Producing documentaries is my way of giving back and many people have joined my efforts to tell this important story.

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